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Delta Airlines has started offering in-flight free text messages.. Now u gotta either have I message, Facebook messenger, or whats app and the other person your trying to message does too..But it’s totally free to use their wifi..Goodbye data charges. A couple of EXCEPTIONS: Flights to Hawaii or Mexico.

Virgin Atlantic is giving away free over night essentials packs for those overnight flights. Included inside are toothbrush/toothpaste, socks, pen, eyecovers, and earplugs.. GOODNIGHT FOLKS

Now check this one out.. Hawaiian Airlines are offering free meals and alcoholic beverages on all their North American Flights. That’s a full tray meal and either a free glass of wine or Koloa Rum Punch.. Can you say niceeee

Now saving best for last.. JETBLUE (yep the one that already has low fares) Are offering free WIFI on all flights. You can even stream movies. They already had plenty of leg room when compared to others (without that additional fee) and they are now offering UNLIMITED SNACKS.. This was my main grievance with them.. They were pricey..

And here is a treat for ppl who can manage to fly out of BWI..

Also $99 flights to Brussles, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dublin, Edenburgh, Frankfurt and $89 to Reykjavik.. All from WOW Airlines.. HAPPY TRAVELING PEOPLES

Climbing the Great Wall of China

    No Sugar coating things, let’s get straight to it..No matter which entrance you go to, wear ur tennis shoes, stretch and get to hicking…please know your physical and mental strength as well as your personal preferences..

           As I mentioned in one of my Facebook posts the wall is 5,500 miles long. It is a series of walls connected together.  It has been built, rebuilt, and continues to be restored.. The sections for visiting are in 3 providences.. Beijing, Hebel, and Gansu.. With Beijing having the most entrances… 
In Beijing there are:

Badaling-  This is the one I went to. It’s the most visited. But it’s also the safest to climb…President Obama, Reagan, Richard Nixon, Elizabeth the 2nd, and Vladimir Putin all climbed here. Equipped with cable cars, pulleys, and handrails. It is 50 miles northwest of Beijing.. You can get a taxi for about 400 renminbi or $60 USD.. I decided to go with a tour group..It was 560 rmb.. about $86 usd.. but it also included a tour guide, paid lunch, tour of jade factory, tour of Ming Tombs, and a teahouse session.. So it all depends if you want something private or not. 
Mutianyu- it’s the 2nd best..Its steeper than Badaling though. But it has the best nature views..(FOOTHILLS OF THE HIMALAYAS) I was finished climbing by this one so I just snapped a couple pics ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. This one also has a slide you can slide down once you climb up..If your into that..๐Ÿ‘€

There are also Jinshanling, Simatai, Juyongguan, Jiankou, and Gubeikou all in Beijing… the other places are in a different providence kinda like in a different state for us..

Now when you get there, as with all tourist destinations the streets are lined with vendors.. Don’t buy anything until your finished..Believe me you want less as possible on your climb. There are steps you can walk up to the entrances of the great wall.. These are free.. But remember these are only steps not a part of the great wall, so I know myself, I didn’t want to be worn out before I got to the actual wall so I took the CABLE CAR UP..Now this is an extra 120 Rmb.. approx.. $18 usd It will drop you off right close to the entrance, saving your legs, strenght, and breath for what really matters, the wall…How was it? ..well let me put it this way..IT IS DEFINITELY AN EXPERIENCE…It was rough..Be ready to hike..and I used the handrails…I can only imagine the sections without them..But it was the after thoughts of I CAME, I CONQUERED, that made all the sweat worth it.. I picked a hot time of year but it was cool at night.. It was a very windy day, as you see me trying to hold my hat in most pics.. 
So cover your mouth also or you will have a dust ball for dinner..

Getting Ready for China

     I purchased my ticket 3 months in advance (Refer to my blog on how 2 secure cheap flights), trying to secure the best deal for my money. After my money was spent  then the real work began.

              I began researching China like it was a college essay. Every day for the next month I found the tours and sights that were of interest to me.. Found hotels that were in close proximity and drew up my blue print.. Meditation=The LAMA Templeโœ” #LIFESTYLEBLOGGER  Athlete/Sports= Olympic Stadium “The Birds Nest” and the “Water Cube”โœ” The reason for my visit =THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA (7 modern wonders of the world)โœ” Shopping #THRIFTYBLOGGER (But for deals)= The real CHINESE FLEA Marketโœ” Food=Try the Roasted Duck and Experience a real Tea Houseโœ”….Just try something new. Then,  anything else I include is a plus…

               My second month was getting all documents, information, and currency in line. I needed to apply for a visa. China makes you obtain one before you get there. It will take at least 4 weeks for this process so plan accordingly. I budget everything so once I bought my ticket I put $50 a week back for my visa..It cost $300..You may be able to get one cheaper online than I did or there may be a consulate in your city, then you can do it yourself. I live in Tennessee and the Chinese consulate for me was Washington DC. So it was cheaper to go through a 3rd party. I researched all the different companies that were online. There are some cheaper, but I choose one backed by the BBB since I would have to divulge alot of personal information (What you do for a living, who was paying for trip etc also you have to mail your original passport in). Didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands or be scammed so it did cost me a little more. But not more than the price for my sanity. While i waited for this to come i continued my $50 savings for my trip. I called my bank to let them know when i would be there and i needed to order their currency.

         The last month was final preparation time. Making sure I had Masks for their pollution(which I really didn’t need), power plugs for my USB cords since their’s are round, different than the USA. I bought dry snacks for the plane and my room. I worked and prepaid bills so I would have no worries. Before I knew it, It was time for my next Adventure…

Ways to sleep better on a plane

As I prepare for the longest trip I have ever taken, China, I must remind myself of some of the must do’s in order to survive this 18 hr flight.

1. Wear sleep appropriate attire..

 Now I know some of my folks will take this to far. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ But what I mean is, wear loose fitting clothes. The one thing that will be horrible is to have elastic or that button that’s about to pop off your pants, squeeze you to death for 18 hours. Make sure your feet are warm.. Most of us have a blanket and they will give you one but both are mini’s.. You know one blanket will cover only the top half and if you have your own, it will cover the bottom half, but your feet will be left out. I personally can’t sleep when my feet are cold.

2. Make time for relaxation before boarding… 

Now with our phones and various apps this has been simplified.. You can download Meditation music, or calming waters, even those who can’t sleep without that fan noise, hey they have that too. You know what relaxes you..DO THAT!!!

3. If falling asleep is and has always been an issue.. MEDICATE APPROPRIATELY.. Some may require sleep meds, over the counter, or maybe that one cocktail..

4. On long flights most aircrafts have a TV screen in the head rest.. Turn it off.. Or if it has a big screen, bring your sleep masks..Clear your leg room..Put as much stuff in the over head bin as possible.That one bag under the seat is worrisome for long flights..

5. Find ways to replicate your at home sleep routine..If you need to wash your face and brush your teeth to relax and sleep well, then get the portable no water needed tooth brushes and flossers..Invest in face wipes..

6. Download several good books and a nice musical play list.. Kindle is great for those who burn the candle at night (like me) when everyone else is sleeping..

If you have any more suggestions please let me know..I need all the help I can get…